Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Subscription

Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Subscription

From 24,99 per month / each

Receive surprise underwear every month 2EROS, Addicted, Andrew Christian, Barcode Berlin, CODE 22, JOR, Garçon, Sukrew en Supawear.

Choose jockstraps, briefs, trunks or alternately a combination of models.

Go for a monthly cancellable or take a pre-paid subscription.


✅ A surprise on the doormat every month
✅ Always good quality underwear
✅ Worldwide, free shipping
✅ Right of return

This is what subscribers received…

That is how it works…

  1. Choose model, size en subscription form
  2. Receive your first surprise underwear immediately
  3. Every 21st of the month the amount is written off
  4. Every successive 1st Saturday of the month receive your new underwear

Extra: always 15% discount…

Subscribers to Gunderwear receive a standard 15% discount on the regular price of underwear and accessories in the webshop with their subscription. For example, you are extra advantageous if you complete your set with a harness, when purchasing swimwear or if you order extra underwear. The discount is automatically visible as soon as you are logged in as a subscriber.

Choosing the right size...

To estimate the correct size, use a tape measure to measure your waist (where the waistband meets the body).

Please note that this measurement is different from the jeans/trouser size. Don't assume your jeans size, assume the actual measurement with a tape measure.

In this table you can see an overview of the dimensions used for the subscription:

Compile subscription:


If you still find it a bit exciting and would like some more information, take a look at the FAQ or ask your question via WhatsApp.

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