About Gunderwear

A few years ago you couldn't ignore the advertising for an underwear subscription for men in the media. Own manufacture for a low monthly fee. But if there is a demand for unbranded underwear in subscription form, there must also be a demand for high-quality branded underwear. And that's how the idea was born Gunderwear, a subscription with branded underwear.

July 20, 2018 was the starting signal for Gunderwear, a completely self-configurable underwear subscription. consisting of brands such as 2EROS, Andrew Christian, Barcode Berlin, Code 22, Garçon, Sukrew en Supawear. When closing a Gunderwear underwear subscription can be chosen for briefs, boxers, jockstraps or a combination. The sizing is tailored to the customer's pants size.

Hundreds of customers are now fans of it Gunderwear and receive new underwear every month. One of the biggest fans is Jeffrey Wammes. He told about it in the Algemeen Dagblad Gunderwear:

1 “This delivery service surprises me every month with new underwear. I find that nice and easy; I don't have to think about that. The models are sexier than the standard white slip, they often have separate patterns. There are boxershorts in between, but most have no legs. The briefs are from all kinds of brands, I like those from Andrew Christian the most beautiful."

Gunderwear offer more than an underwear subscription. In the webshop underwear can be bought individually.

 initially offered Gunderwear only an underwear subscription. The webshop was opened in April 2020 for loose sale of underwear. Since then, the range has expanded considerably and not a week goes by without new underwear in the webshop. 

Dave Verzijl
Director Gunderwear

Lakerstraat 66
5613ES Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Chamber Of Commerce 27309336
VAT: NL001639901B96

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