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Barcode Berlin underwear

Barcode Berlin is a German underwear and clubwear brand founded in 2008 in Berlin. Barcode Berlin has since built a name for itself as one of the leading fetishwear and clubwear brands. Next jockstraps and harnesses Barcode Berlin also offers a range of other products such as briefs, singlets, and tank tops, all with a quirky twist.

The brand has a large following among the LGBTQ community and is popular among drag queens, go-go dancers and fetishists. Barcode Berlin is proud of their German heritage and the German quality of their products.

The brand is also known for their collaborations with various organizations and events, including La Demence and Folsom Europe. Has through the years Barcode Berlin released several collections inspired by these events and their unique atmosphere.

One of 's classics Barcode Berlin is the Sergey jockstrap, a faithful interpretation of the original jockstrap model, made of very sturdy material with a kinky rubber logo on the strap. Barcode Berlin is known for the playful applications of openings and open fabrics in their designs.

The underwear of Barcode Berlin is manufactured in their own factory in Portugal where they oversee the quality of every product they produce. Barcode Berlin guarantees quality, comfort and unique designs that are perfect for any club or fetish party. Discover the collection now Gunderwear!

Lakerstraat 66
5613ES Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Chamber Of Commerce 27309336
VAT: NL001639901B96

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