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Jockstraps for men

The jockkstrap - also called jock - is a must-have in your underwear collection. We have a wide range for men with different materials such as cotton, polyamide and elastane. Choose a jockstrap that you can wear every day or if you prefer to wear exciting underwear, choose an erotic jock. You will find at Gunderwear always the latest models for men.

The first jockstrap was invented in 1874 by CF Bennett of sporting goods company Sharp & Smith in Chicago, to provide comfort and support to bicycle jockeys working the cobblestone streets of Boston. The jockstrap has become the underwear for athletes and is combined with a toque that serves to protect the male genitals in sports such as cricket, rugby, hockey and boxing. Nowadays become jockstraps also often worn by men who like the comfort of the jockstrap or like to accentuate their masculinity.

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