Supawear WOW Brief Black

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Supawear is an Australian underwear brand that turns men into Supaheros. Supawear believes that fashion is not just limited to what you can see on the outside, but also what's underneath. Finding yourself beautiful in literally all layers, that's true Supawear stands for.

Supawear is the younger brother of 2eros, where some of the technology, such as the 'CURV' recess, has been adopted. This accentuates the masculine gender. Challenging underwear for men who want to feel beautiful.

Underwear description for this brief by the designer of Supawear: Sometimes all you can say is WOW! Take your masculinity to the next level with the XCURV pouch. This is no ordinary classic, it maximizes comfort and freedom and gives you an extreme boost where it counts! Making the daily WOW!


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90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

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