100 pieces – Shipping bags (S) 175 x 255 mm – 55 micron (webshop)


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Filmar Coex shipping bags 175 x 255 – FB01

These FB01 Coex shipping bags have a size of 175 x 255 mm. Ideal for sending small products. Think, for example, of socks, underwear or iPhone chargers. The shipping bags are of high quality, very sturdy and tear resistant. The Coex bag protects your small item from being viewed and ensures that the item arrives unopened at your customer due to the strength of the material.

The item has the following unique features:

– Hard to tear
– Opaque
– Equipped with a sturdy adhesive strip
- Supple
– Light in weight which saves on postage costs

The Filmar Coex bags FB01 are made of HDPE Relase liner and are perfect for sending small items of clothing or jewellery. The Coex bags (175 x 255) are a godsend for webshop owners who send a lot of clothing or jewelry. The packaging is opaque due to the black inside (white on the outside). This keeps content theft to a minimum. The sturdy adhesive strip ensures that it remains tightly closed until the package has arrived at the recipient.

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