Sparta's underwear

The Italian designer Toni Poretta started his career in Milan and had Gianni Versace as his teacher. Later he started working for the haute couture line, led by Donatella Versace.

Toni decided to turn his passion for leather and latex into his own company Sparta's Harness. They now offer a unique collection of finely finished harnesses. More and more men like to wear elegant Harness to a party. Even those who are not into leather or BDSM. In addition, Sparta's Harness makes underwear in cool, masculine basic colors.


Years ago, harnesses were only worn by men who love leather and BDSM. Today, the Harness has become much more mainstream. At parties like La Demence, Rapido en Funhouse you see many men walking around with Harness. It has become a true piece of clothing in which you feel less naked and more sexy.

Sparta's Harness is a specialist in harnesses. However, the company also makes cool underwear. Both briefs and jockstraps. The models are robust and have masculine primary colours. The wide band makes you an irresistible beast. You can definitely be seen with this underwear.

Examples of Sparta's underwear in one Gunderwear subscription:
Sparta's Harness underwear brief - blue
Sparta's Harness underwear brief - green
Sparta's Harness Underwear Brief - Pink
Sparta's Harness underwear brief - yellow

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5613ES Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Chamber Of Commerce 27309336
VAT: NL001639901B96

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