Why Gunderwear:

  • A new slip every month, boxer or jock

  • Always A-brand underwear

  • Worldwide Free Shipping

  • Cheaper than in the store

  • Unsatisfied; exchange or refund

  • Ocan be canceled online at any time

ES Collection underwear

ES Collection

ES Collection is from Barcelona, ​​Spain and the big brother of Addicted. It is designed by the same designers and uses the same high quality fabrics. 's underwear ES Collection is produced in Spain.

The designs of ES Collection are sporty and luxurious. Perfect for a tough, athletic and youthful look.


How does it work?


Become a member and pay directly for the current month


2 You will receive underwear within five working days


3 Subsequently, the monthly amount is debited every 21st by direct debit


4 You will receive new underwear every 1st Saturday *) of the month


Pump! underwear


The Australian 2EROS has been on the road for 10 years and is known for eye-catching colors (combinations) and stylish models. The designers often use silky soft fabrics that feel pleasant. 

It is not without reason that the name 2EROS is derived from the Greek god of lust and love. You will feel extra loved in underwear from 2EROS.

Proven quality

We work with the best brands. They have opted for a product where design, quality and durability are more important than the lowest price. This means you can be sure of high-quality underwear that stays beautiful for a long time, has a good model and stays in place. Do you also think it is important to look good in challenging underwear, then one Gunderwear Subscription interesting for you!

Andrew Christian underwear

Andrew Christian

The Los Angeles-based fashion designer Andrew Christian launches new models and designs every month. Often these are limited editions that are no longer produced after the first release. This way you know that you always wear unique underwear, which is also of high quality. The underwear of Andrew Christian knows how to emphasize your masculinity in an exciting way and is always sexy!

How much hotness can you handle? The designer likes to be surrounded by young, muscular men and let the outside world enjoy this on his social media.

Underwear that can be seen

We are constantly looking for the best brands and designs for you. It is important here that the brand has a seductive appearance. The underwear we offer could be used as clothing for parties such as La Demence, Funhouse of Rapido.

Pump! underwear


Supawear is an Australian underwear brand that turns men into Supaheros. Supawwear believes that fashion is not only limited to what you can see, but also what's underneath. Finding yourself beautiful in literally all layers, that's true Supawear stands for.

Supawear is the younger brother of 2EROS, in which part of the technology, such as the 'CURV' recess, has been adopted. This accentuates the masculine gender. Challenging underwear for men who want to feel beautiful.

How does it work Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Subscription?

The Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Subscription is a monthly underwear subscription. You will receive new underwear every month with the characteristic fit of the designer brands we work with. This is always a slip, (connecting) boxer of jockstrap. On our website you will find samples of underwear that has previously been sent to our subscribers.

Are you committed to it?

Gunderwear is flexible. You can change, pause or stop your account whenever you want. If you want to change or cancel your subscription, log in with your Gunderwear account or contact us via the contact form.

When do you deliver?

Once you have become a member, you will receive your first shipment within 5 working days.

The subscription fee is then debited every 21st of the month.

When you receive your monthly shipment depends on location:

- Do you live in the Netherlands: first Saturday of the month
- in Europe: approximately ~ 10 days after the first Saturday of the month
- outside Europe: approximately ~ 10-21 days after the first Saturday of the month

Keep in mind that delivery depends on PostNL's punctuality. The shipment fits through the briefbox, so you do not have to stay at home for this.

What does it cost Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Subscription?

The cheapest underwear subscription is available from €21,08 per month. This is the average monthly amount when taking out a 12-month pre-paid jockstraps subscription.

Do you also ship to Belgium (and other countries)

Underwear Subscription: We provide free shipping for it worldwide Gunderwear Surprise Underwear Subscription. Wherever you live, you are more than welcome as a customer Gunderwear. The rates for our subscriptions (including shipping) are the same for everyone - regardless of where you live.

Loose underwear: When you spend 30, - or more, shipping within the Netherlands is free. Below that we charge 3,99 per order. For delivery to other countries, the shipping costs are 4,99 per order. 


Is a Gunderwear subscription the same as an On That Ass underwear subscription?

Gunderwear is not the same as one On That Ass underwear subscription. read here more about the differences between Gunderwear and On That Ass.

Is Gunderwear cheaper than buying directly?

We can be brief about this; YES! On average you save € 10 per month with our underwear offer. read here more about this calculation.

Can I opt for ankle briefs, boxers of jockstraps?

You can compose your subscription completely yourself the way you want it; opt for ankle briefs, boxers of jockstraps. Or opt for a combination. 

If you choose a combination, we will send approximately alternate types of underwear.

Which size should I choose?

The sizes are determined on the basis of your pants size in Inches.

A trouser size is referred to as Width x Length. If it is 32x34, you select: 32. If it is 29x34, you select: 29. Etc.

We send the corresponding size of each brand with the pants size. Below you will find our size chart:

Gunderwear underwear size chart

The underpants do not fit or are not comfortable

Subscription: Do the underpants not fit or are they not comfortable? Return it unused and unwashed in the original packaging with the attached labels and you will receive a replacement next month. You will then receive two pieces. If necessary, adjust your size in your profile.

Loose underwear: Contact us to register a return.

My question is not listed

Ask your question via the contact form.

Ask your question via Messenger.

Can I indicate a material preference?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to indicate a material preference. If you are allergic to one of the materials that are normally used in underwear, we advise you to order loose underwear.
Addicted underwear


The Spanish Addicted is the naughty brother of ES Collection. The designers of Addicted specifically target men.

Addicted uses sturdy quality materials, so the underwear made in Spain can take a beating.

You missed this

Below you can see the underwear that was part of it for the past few months Gunderwear subscription. So you could have received this. What you receive is a surprise but is always a slip, boxer of jockstrap from 2EROS, Addicted, Andrew Christian, Barcode Berlin, ES Collection of Supawear.

Barcode Berlin underwear

Barcode Berlin

Barcode Berlin is a German underwear and clubwear brand founded in Berlin. Is in the underground club scene Barcode Berlin much loved. This is what turns clothing into Barcode Berlin often worn by trained men as an outfit. 

The designs of Barcode Berlin are innovative in the use of materials and playful applications of openings. The underwear of Barcode Berlin is manufactured in its own factory in Portugal.

Speaks one Gunderwear subscription to you?

Do you have questions or is it not entirely clear? Contact us via Messenger and we are happy to answer them:

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