Gunderwear vs. On That Ass

On That Ass You've probably heard about it many times, but what's the difference between Gunderwear en On That Ass? We'll list it for you!

Gunderwear works with A brands, unlike On That Ass

Gunderwear works exclusively with A-brands. That means top quality for a fair price. On That Ass works exclusively with underwear manufactured in-house. This is reflected in the quality of the materials used. A few quotes from the many reviews;

– Prints are super cool and they are comfortable. Unfortunately the quality is bad. The first time I took a size that matched other brands I had before. Unfortunately, it broke on the seam exactly in the middle. Returned in consultation with customer service and received a new, larger, size.

– This one is broken again. Just after the 30 day return period.

– Underpants 2 exactly the same story. Broken again within 30 days, received a new one and broke it again just outside the 30 days.

– With good hope I still have 3 boxers received. All broken just outside the 30 day return option.

– I have canceled my subscription. Customer service wants to accommodate me. However, I have to get the new one there boxer that "on the way" is first for sending back and then I get from that boxer my money back…… nice compensation.

– 10€ is not expensive for a boxer. But one boxer that breaks after 4-6 times wearing and washing, this is pricey. I'm going back to Björn borg again. They will last for several years!

– Nice promises, relatively cheap, quality bizarre jerk! So don't!"

Different models of underwear at Gunderwear

Every day is different, right? Bee Gunderwear receive your underwear from different brands, so you can benefit from the unique fit of each brand. Bee On That Ass you always receive the same model. Only the print is different.

High-quality underwear at Gunderwear

Almost all brands with which Gunderwear cooperates have been 'in business' for many years and work with high-quality materials. With normal use you can do with the underwear for years Gunderwear.

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